The 95% Rule of Being Certain

As you can see, the mind creates blind spots whenever you claim to be 100% certain of anything. If there is any evidence that contradicts your 100% certainty, you will not see it.

Certain kinds of absolute conviction
blind you to the Truth.

But you can let go of these absolute convictions in order to test them. In other words, we find value in holding a kind of objectivity where deeply held beliefs (especially negative and limiting beliefs) are challenged and dissolved to form a more flexible and adaptive consciousness.

What can you do?

Simply cultivate a bit of humility. Have a little bit of healthy self-doubt about everything you are certain is true.

Say to yourself, “Yes, I believe that’s 95% true; of course there is a chance I could come upon evidence or arguments that can change my mind.”

Yes, some truths appear to be absolute. I could say to myself, “It is absolutely certain that I will not be able to jump to the moon two weeks from now.”

But I have cultivated a habit of being suspicious of absolutes. So instead I say for the benefit of my subconscious, “It is highly unlikely that I will be able to jump to the moon two weeks from now.”

Healthy humility about being certain
entails little risk and helps keep your mind clear
so you can stay flexible and see more clearly.

from Creating Your Life

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