Imagination is the tool with which you architect your life. Mark_Author

Mark Andre Alexander is a teacher, a freelance writer, a Silicon Valley consultant, and a corporate trainer. He has taught English Composition at a university, Business Writing at a business college, Legal Writing for paralegals, and Latin at a private middle school. He wrote his first magazine article in 1983 for inCider, an Apple II computer magazine.

Mark has worked in Silicon Valley for over 20 years. As a Manager of Learning and Development for a semiconductor company, he has traveled the world training engineering managers in: Building Global, Cross-Cultural Teams, High Performance Thinking and Innovation, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Employee Development, and Presentation Skills.

His latest series of books focus on helping people create their lives by thinking differently:

Mark is also a composer and musician. He has a B.A in English and an M.A. In Organizational Management and Development. He lives in Northern California, with his wife, who improves him just by being present. He believes the purpose of life is to learn how to give and receive divine love.

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