Creating Your Life Seminars

A 3-hour, Creating Your Life seminar
is your first step in acquiring
Silicon Valley secrets to
high performance thinking
and goal achievement.

You and your team, family, or friends can discover innovative ways to set and achieve your stretch goals, in work, in school, and in life.


Benefits for individuals:

  • Release stuck mental habits (including smoking, weight, and limiting attitudes)
  • Experience directly how your mind can create blind spots
  • Learn easy tools to help transform your self-image into that of a high performer
  • Achieve greatness by rapidly building a set of new skills
  • Become a flexible, stretch achiever and innovator
  • Embody the person you have always wanted to be

Benefits for private training colleges and institutes:

  • Help students adapt quickly to growth and change
  • Increase retention rates
  • Ensure more students get jobs and pay back their student loans

What each attendee gets

  • A fun, motivational, and in-person 3-hour seminar
  • A copy of the book Creating Your Life
  • Access to podcasts and an online 36-day follow-up program (including customized materials and website for company employees or students)
  • Up to two hours of personal coaching for the 36-day program (by phone or email)

What’s it cost?

$75 per person (minimum six), plus any travel and accommodation expenses, but with ONE caveat:

After the first hour of the seminar, I stop and ask whether attendees want to go on. Whoever does not want to continue, pays nothing.

Try it, risk free!

Use the Contact page to let me know what you are interested in.

I look forward to working with you!


Mark Andre Alexander
Seminar leader and coach