Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Reading Order

Here is the reading order of all the Dresden-related novels, short stories, micro-fiction, and graphic novels (those that do not simply repeat the novels), all within the chronology of the Dresden-verse. Some issues with a couple graphic novels chronology , but this list is best.

“A Fistful of Warlocks”
Short Story in Brief Cases, 2017

A Restoration of Faith
Short story in Side Jobs, 2002

Welcome to the Jungle
Graphic novel, 2008

1. Storm Front
Novel, 2000

2. Fool Moon
Novel, 2001

Ghoul Goblin
Graphic novel, 2013

B Is for Bigfoot”
Short story in Brief Cases, 2012

3. Grave Peril
Novel, 2001

4. Summer Knight
Novel, 2002

5. Death Masks
Novel, 2003

Short story in Side Jobs, 2002

6. Blood Rites
Novel, 2004

7. Dead Beat
Novel, 2005

“I Was a Teenage Bigfoot”
Short story in Brief Cases, 2011

War Cry
Graphic novel, 2014

“Something Borrowed”
Short story in Side Jobs, 2006

8. Proven Guilty
Novel, 2006

“AAAA Wizardry”
Short Story in Brief Cases, 2010

9. White Night
Novel, 2007

Down Town
Graphic novel, 2015

“It’s My Birthday, Too”
Short story in Side Jobs, 2007

Wild Card
Graphic Novel, 2016

Short story in Side Jobs, 2007

Micro-fiction, 2020

10. Small Favor
Novel, 2008

Dog Men
Graphic novel, 2017

“Day Off” 
Short story in Side Jobs, 2008

“Backup” Thomas story
Short story in Side Jobs, 2008

Short story in Side Jobs, 2009

“Curses” Chicago Cubs Story
Short story in Brief Cases, 2011

“Last Call” McAnally’s Pub Story
Short story in Side Jobs, 2009

11. Turn Coat
Novel, 2009

“Bigfoot on Campus”
Short story in Brief Cases, 2012

“Even Hand” Marcone Story
Short story in Brief Cases, 2010

“Love Hurts”
Short story in Side Jobs, 2010

12. Changes
Novel, 2010

“Aftermath” Karrin Story
Short story in Side Jobs, 2010

“Journal” (Takes place during Turn Coat, but has spoilers for Changes)
Micro-fiction, 2020

13. Ghost Story
Novel, 2011

“Bombshells” Molly Story
Short story in Brief Cases, 2013

“Goodbye” (concurrent with the ending of Changes)
Micro-fiction, 2020

14. Cold Days
Novel, 2012

“Cold Case” Molly Story
Short story in Brief Cases, 2016

15. Skin Game
Novel, 2014

“Jury Duty”
Short story in Brief Cases, 2015

“Day One” Butters Story
Short Story in Brief Cases, 2016

“Zoo Day” Maggie and Mouse Story
Novella in Brief Cases, 2018

“Job Placement”
Micro-fiction, 2020

“Everything the Light Touches” Mister Story 
Micro-fiction, 2020

16. Peace Talks
Novel, July 14, 2020.

17. Battle Ground
Novel, September 29, 2020

“Christmas Eve”
Short Story, 2018

“The Good People” Molly Story
Short Story, 2020

“Monsters” Goodman Grey Story
Short Story in Parallel Worlds, 2019

“Little People” Toot Toot Story
Short Story in Heroic Hearts, 2022

The Law
Novella, 2022

Fugitive” Maggie and Mouse Story
Short Story in Instinct, 2023

18. Twelve Months
Novel, 2024

19. Body Slam???
Novel, 2026?

20. ???
Novel, 2028? (Order of the Black Denarius book?)

21. Ferrovax???
Novel, 2030?

22. Mirror, Mirror
Novel, 2030


23. Hell’s Bells
Novel, 2032

24. Stars and Stones
Novel, 2034

25. Empty Night
Novel, 2036


15 thoughts on “Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Reading Order

  1. Kim

    Thanks for this list! I wanted to read the series in chronological order but it’s hard to find lists that organize them and include the comics and short stories. The only issue is Dog Men. It’s after Wild Card, isn’t it? One of the things I’ve seen from it has Harry having a nightmare about Puck, the villain from Wild Card. Unless he’s started having prophetic dreams, Dog Men’s place in this list is wrong.

  2. Sheri Simms

    AAAA Wizardry comes after White Night, because the case cited came from the Paranet, which was established by Elaine, in the wake of the events in White Night. Jim made a mistake, in the intro to the story in Brief Cases. He said it came after Proven Guilty, but that was incorrect. In fact, it had to take place more than a year after White Night, because Dresden says the Paranet had been around for a year by the time he got that case.

  3. Dustin

    I’m just getting started on my first read through the series. Just finished Fool Moon.

    I am wondering if I should read in chronological order or release order. Noting the mysteries and questions being set up, I don’t want to go chronological if the shorts clue me in to something. Kinda like how watching Star Wars chronologically ruins some major plot points/twists in the original trilogy.

    Readers who have read before me, what do you recommend?

    1. Kyleigh

      I’m of two minds about it. It’s easier to understand the little references to other cases if you go through the series with the short stories included. However, this world has SO much content that it begs to be re-read or listened to at least once more through. If you want to just do the books first, then I recommend the books and stories on your next go-round with the series to enrich the world.

  4. Kyleigh

    Thank you for compiling this! I like the idea of “Vignette” as a flashback in the order where it is, but I’ve also enjoyed it when I put it between “A Restoration of Faith” and “Storm Front”. Just a recommendation if someone wants to try something new!

  5. Susan

    Thank you for this comprehensive list, Mark. It’s helping me to get my “library” in order. Can you post a Legend for what your various notations (bold, in quotes, blue, etc.) mean? Would also love your recommendation(s) for where to obtain the graphic novels I’m missing. I’m always glad to meet fellow Dresden-verse lovers . . . good job!


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