Creating Your Life1. Creating_Your_Life_thumb
(A Lifetime of Learning, Book 1)
Paperback: $6.99
E-book: $2.99

“A winning mixture of practical encouragement and big-picture advice. ” —Kirkus Reviews. Read the entire Kirkus Review.

Your mind has the ability to inhibit or enhance your imagination. This book shows you Silicon Valley secrets of how your mind works. It gives you keys to being a success by simply thinking differently and acting in new ways.

There are no guarantees. You may not always get exactly what you imagine. The world simply doesn’t work that way.

But if you learn and apply what this little book shows you, you will move more quickly into becoming the person you have always wanted to be.

Money and Wealth2. Money and Wealth thumb
 (A Lifetime of Learning, Book 2)
Paperback: $6.99
E-book: $2.99

Most people do not understand economics, money, wealth, credit, debt, inflation, currency, and circulation.

As a result, they are targeted by con artists. Not just con artists in your neighborhood, but con artists on Wall Street and in government (at all levels).

You probably already know that money gives you more freedom to choose. After studying this little book, you will know how to protect yourself more effectively against the con artists who take advantage of your ignorance and pick your pockets.

Sex and Romance3. Sex and Romance thumb
(A Lifetime of Learning, Book 3)

Paperback: $6.99
E-book: $2.99

We live in a world that often doesn’t want to admit that men and women are different. But differences are valuable. And understanding those differences in a positive light helps people understand each other.

This little book describes those differences. It will help build your confidence when experiencing romance with others. It will help you know when you are being used. And it should help you keep from using others.

And ultimately, it will help you understand that your real goal in life is happiness.

Mozart and Great Music4. Mozart and Great Music thumb
(A Lifetime of Learning, Book 4)
Paperback: $7.99 NEW!
E-book: $3.99

“Once, when filling out an application for a summer job, on that line next to ‘other’ under the heading of Religion, I wrote Mozart. The personnel officer was not amused, but then, I hadn’t intended it as a joke. For there was a time when I was convinced that Mozart was at least as divinely inspired as Moses, Christ, the Buddha, Lao-tzu, or Mohammed, and I suppose I still am. For in no other works of the human imagination can the divine spirit be heard more distinctly than in the miraculous music this often vulgar, unpleasant, and difficult man produced during his pathetically brief thirty-five years. Were this book to do him justice, the section devoted to Mozart’s music would take up more than half the total pages.”
—Jim Svejda, American music critic,
in the 3rd edition of The Record Shelf Guide to the Classical Repertoire


Handbook for Advanced Souls: Eternal Reminders for the Present Moment
Paperback: $5.99
E-book: $2.99handbook_res100

“This is a wonderful book for meditation and contemplation. This work consists of short sayings for reflection. A reoccurring theme seems to be that we all are our own path back to God and are in the process of becoming, as we learn about love and service.” —Rick

“This is a book filled with one-line sentences of wise concepts and thought-provoking words. One made me laugh out loud: “‘It’s time to become the person you wished others would be.'”
Rebecca K. Tillman

I love having my Kindle Edition of Handbook for Advanced Souls on my phone where I can access this wisdom anywhere, anytime I need a lift! There have often been times a quick look gives a simple phrase which opens up new avenues of seeing truth in every day life. So often the phrases of this author’s book help me make a connection between my mind, my heart and Soul.” —Gracious58

Cats Are from Mars, Dogs are from Venus: A Practical Guide for Improving Cat and Dog Communication and Getting What You Want in Their Relationships
E-book: $.99

A short parody, illustrating some of the differences between cats and dogs.



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