Have you (or anyone you know) ever wanted to write a memoir for publication or for your family, but were not satisfied with your writing skills?

I’m an experienced writer who can work with you to write your memoir.

Here is an example of my writing, a higher cost memoir (due to more technical information and special story arrangement):




If you are wishing to self-publish or seek an agent, I can also help with that for a customized fee.

Here is an example of a book proposal targeting a literary agent. Typically, such proposals have three sample chapters and a detailed outline of the following chapters.

Book Proposal for Fire and Ice


How It Works and the Costs

Most ghostwriters charge between $60/hour and $200/hour. I am a faster writer than most so my costs are lower.

The first step is to discover if I’m a compatible writer for your story. We meet in person or online, and I record an initial interview with you. I write up a draft of a first chapter of about 5-7 pages. The one-time cost would be $45. If you like the result, we go to the next step.

The second step is a more extensive set of recorded interviews that lead into my starting to write. We would decide on costs in advance and sign a mutual agreement.

Typically, I charge anywhere from $4 to $15 per page depending on the complexity of the story writing. That means a 200-page book would cost anywhere from $800 to $3,000.

Note: A page of writing is double-spaced 12-pt type, about 250 words per page.

You would pay an initial retainer that I would work against. So if we were doing a 200-page book at $5 per page, I would need a retainer to cover half, $500. Once I turn in those 100 pages, you would pay for the final half, another $500.

My goal is for both of us to Have Fun! I love telling fascinating stories that lift people up. When I have fun as a writer, the reader experiences that as well.

If you are interested in an initial interview and writing sample, please use my contact page and provide me with your phone number. I’m happy to answer any questions.