Corporate Writings

CLIENTS (1994-Present)

A&R Partners, American Film institute, Ariba, AudioVisual Headquarters (AVHQ), Aurum Software, Autodesk, Broadquest Software, Callidus Software, ccOnline, Cisco, CKS Pictures, Community Development Institute, CrossWorlds Software, Diacomm, Digital Fountain, Escalate, Garnett & Helfrich Capital, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, ICTV, Ikonic, Immersion Software, InterActive Digital Solutions, Kauai Film Institute, Kivera, KOLA, Lam Research Corporation, Mirantis, Offroad Capital, Omnis Software, Pearson Communications, PeopleSoft, Prism Advanced Technologies, SABA, SeeCommerce, Silicon Graphics Inc., South Pacific Image, Stedman Graham & Associates, Sun Microsystems, Tivre Software, Trapezo, Vantive, and Videocam.


Video, CD-ROM, and Broadcast Commercial Scripts]

Callidus Software Video Scripts (200KB PDF)
SeeCommerce SeeChain CD-Rom Script (1.2MB PDF) 
KOLA Sales Demo Script (400KB PDF)
CrossWorlds Sapphire e-Business Script (200KB PDF)
CrossWorlds Broadcast Commercial Script (100KB PDF)

PowerPoint Presentations

Mirantis (2015) Managing Performance Change (81MB PDF) A/V media edited out
Garnett & Helfrich
Partners Meeting Presentation (5.7MB PDF)
SeeRisk Presentation (1MB PPT) with narrative notes
SABA SABA e-learning Presentation (1MB PPT)

Marketing Collateral

Aurum Software Marketing Brochure (300KB PDF) preproduction text
AVHQ Airfax Brochure (500KB PDF)

Trapezo Marketing Brochure (300KB PDF) preproduction text

White Papers and Data Sheets

BroadQuest Dataweb White Paper (500KB PDF) Preproduction text
Trapezo Technology White Paper (300KB PDF)
Preproduction text
Digital Fountain Streaming Fountain Data Sheet (200KB PDF) 

Trade Magazine Articles

AVHQ Article for Exhibit Builder (600KB PDF)
E3 Sony Article for TradeShow & Exhibit Manager (1.2MB PDF)